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Kolga Marinelli Beakers

Kolga Marinelli Beakers

Kolga Marinelli Beakers


The patented Kolga Marinelli beakers are available in many different sizes with two lid types: the screw-top style or the traditional snap-on style. The Kolga beakers have a unique patented tight-fitting lid to prevent spillage with a built-in gripping handle to facilitate easy removal of the beaker from the sample counting shield. Both lid versions have been tested for air tightness at least 1 psi positive pressure for 24 hours. The screw top versions have a built in sealing ring to assure leak proof operation for sensitive applications. The KB Model beakers are available for up to 3.5 inch detectors.

Please see see the Product Specifications Sheet for available sizes and part numbers.

View/Download Product Spec Sheet (pdf))

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